ELISIR PRODUCTOR [ International Patent Made in Italy ]

An effective instrument for activation and 
harmonisation of water and all drinkable liquids


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The human body is 65-70 % water and is surrounded by a radiating field of natural electromagnetism: the liquids that we drink to renew and maintain our physiological and electromagnetic equilibrium, especially where the environment is a polluted one (e.g. electromagnetic and food pollution), are therefore of great importance. a) general biological effects of magnetized water: 
fluidisation of biological liquids (e.g. blood and secretions and improved food absorption capacity). 
increased tissue detoxification with increased diuresis (increased excretion of urine). 
dissolution of calcareous deposits throughout the body (hardened arteries / stones). 
harmonising analgesic effect on the autonomous nervous system, with stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (sedative, anti-stress effect). 
increases muscular strength (electromagnetically expressed) and boosts the immune system. 
increased resistance to electromagnetic pollution. b) specific biological effects of magnetised water: 
liver and gall bladder: rapid reduction of liver size and total evacuation - via break-up - of gallstones within just 2-3 months (uric acid stones excepted); 
kidneys: renal stones are dissolved relatively quickly depending on their size (if elimination is painful antispasmodics should be taken or alternative treatment such as acupuncture or homeopathy should be sought); 
metabolism: progressive normalisation of cholesterol and urea (azotemia) levels; 
skin: detoxification of the body leads to generalised regression of skin disease; 
digestive system: increased intestinal peristalsis (thanks to biliary fluidisation) with more regular bowel movements; 
neuro-hormonal secretion: regularisation of tone and elasticity of the neuro-vegetative nervous system (via stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system) with progressive, permanent re-equilibrium of arterial pressure and both exocrine and endocrine glandular secretion; 
action on interstitial liquids (particularly blood and lymphatic fluid): progressive reduction of internal and external oedema within just 2-3 months, with consequent elimination of cellulite and obesity [(especially where caused by gall bladder problems with fat demolition deficit: in this case it is strongly recommended, as per standard colour therapy practice, that all red and orange foods (carrots, tomatoes, oranges, mandarins, apricots, melons etc) be eliminated from the diet in keeping with personalised treatment programs]; 
bones and joints: arthrosis and arthritis sufferers will obtain significant analgesic benefits from the use of magnetized water (2-3 litres per day), together with local adhesive magnet therapy (these magnets are placed at pain points); 
action on central nervous system: in addition to its general sedative effects, magnetized water can also boost the effects of hypnogenous medicines (natural and not) or the hypno-inducing effects of herb tea (in a glazed or ceramic recipient).

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